What are Streaming Devices and How does they work?

Online Channel Streaming is one of the fastest module of entertainment these days and Smart TVs are hot selling electronics. However If your TV is not a Smart TV and its an old Ordinary Flat Panel TV with HDMI slot in it, then streaming devices are the Life saver for you and your Poket. You Don’t need to Shell our $300-$500 for New and expensive Smart Tv. All you have to buy is a Small Streaming Stick and connect it to your Television.

It is Very Simple to connect and Setup. All you need is HDMI slot in TV and Wifi Internet. You can use the Device while on the go as well in your Camper Trailer or in your hotel room. You Just need to hook it up on the Tv and link it with the Available wifi and you can enjoy and streaming thousands of online shows and hundreds of channels.

Following are the Easy Steps to set it up.

  1. Take the device out of the Box and Read the instructions manual carefully.
  2. Connect the Power cable to the streaming device at one end and put the other end in the HDMI slot of Your TV
  3. Turn on the Tv and With the Actual TV remote Press the input or Source button.
  4. Now select the HDMI slot in which your streaming Device is connected.
  5. select the language on screen connect the Device to your Available wifi
  6. Now it will give you the Activation code.
  7. open the web browser in phone tablet or computer and enter the Com/link code for link code activation.

Voila you are all set to stream thousands of movies, shows in hundreds of channels

NOTE: Different channels have different polices. Some channels or shows are free to view while some are paid. PLEASE CHOOSE WISELY AND STREAM ACCORDINGLY TO MAKE SURE YOU DON’T GET CHARGED UNKNOWINGLY BY VARIOUS CHANNELS.